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Paddle Up for Student Athlete Scholarships!

Our Goal?  Raise $30,000 to help make college possible for deserving student-athletes

From the field to the classroom, Weston Boosters has supported student athletes since1943.

From its initial mission of boosting spirits of athletes turned soldiers, to financing athletic expenses not covered by school budget, to awarding college scholarships, the Weston Boosters has supported Weston student athletes for almost eighty years! 

The first Boosters scholarship was established over 15 years ago, and to date, over $300,000 has been awarded to nearly 100 student athletes. Over the last six years and through the generosity of supporters, Boosters now awards scholarships totaling $25,000 every year.  

Paddle Up has been a popular tradition at the Boosters annual fundraising event, the Booster Bash. Donations raised each year directly fund that year's senior athletes who need financial support to offset the tremendous cost of college or trade-school tuition. Despite a two-year Covid hiatus for the Bash, Boosters remains committed to scholarships and we thank all who have continued to support this effort. 

This year Paddle Up is going virtual! 

Please raise your Paddle & help our student athletes take their Wildcat Pride to the next level!

From our Scholarship Recipients ...

Receiving the Perry Scholarship Award was such an honor and it gave me and my parents some breathing room financially. I am so grateful for the experiences I had at Weston High School. Being a student athlete gave me skill sets that I never knew I'd need in college and the scholarship award helped in ways that I can never truly express. Thanks Weston Boosters!

 - 2017 WHS Graduate (Bates College)

Being accepted into Boston College and being able to afford to go there were two really different realities.  I am so thankful to Weston Boosters for their scholarship.  It helped me more than I can ever express.

 - 2016 WHS Graduate (Boston College)

I was never a star athlete but I loved the whole team experience and how it brought out a different side of me. I worked really hard every day playing my sports while also getting the best grades possible and being involved in the community at WHS. College was a dream for me and for my family and Weston Boosters helped make that dream a reality. To be recognized by this scholarship did more than help me with tuition costs. It showed me that I mattered, that I stood out and that people saw potential in me. Thank you Weston Boosters - this scholarship is truly treasured and I promise to make you proud!

 - 2020 WHS Graduate (UMass Amherst)

Thank you for your support!

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