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Funded Grants

Multiple Sports - High School


End Zone Camera


Field Signs & Maps for all fields

Proctor Visitor Bleachers, Press Box & PA System

Varsity "W" Letters & Pins

Flags for Proctor Field

Field Wrap for Each Sport

Field 1 Shed & Interior Shelving

Field 1 Shed Artwork

Gators for AD & Trainer

DCL & State Championship Banners for all sports

Post Season Awards

Wildcat Pride Night

Donation to Proctor Field Renovation Project

$7,500 Donation to WEEFC for Air Purifiers for District Classrooms


Coaching Support

Professional Development

Clinics & Certifications

Video Camera for Training Films

Coaches Shirts

Positive Coaching Alliance Training


Conditioning & Rehab

Weight Training Machines

Whirlpool & Hydro Circulator

EMS Machine

Cold Plunge

Free Weights, Racks & Mats

Misc Training Room Equipment



Batting/Hitting Turtle

Pitching Machine

Baseball Tarps

Baseball Field Wind Screen

Protective Screening


Basketball (Boys & Girls)

Wall Padding under Baskets

Glass Basketball Backboards

Scoring Table & Chairs

Gym Floor Refinish & Sidelines Painting


Field Hockey

Match Scorers

Practice Goals

Rebound Boards

BOLA Ball Feeder

Goalie Clinics



Tackling Dummies


Agility Bags, Blasters & Ropes

Breakthru Banner for Games



Golf Balls

Greens Fees



Lacrosse (Boys & Girls)

Game Day Lacrosse Nets

Field 1 Scoreboard & 30-second clock

Protective Helmet Covers (Boys)

Skills Clinics

Preseason Strength & Conditioning (Boys)

Mental Toughness Clinics (Girls)

Practice Goals and Shooting Screens


Soccer (Boys & Girls)

Practice balls

Soccer Goals

Rebound Nets


Swim & Dive

Swim Block Overlays

Pace Clock

Lane Lines

Timing System & Touch Pads

Swim Scoreboard

1000 Point Club Artwork & Install

Underwater Filming Periscope



Uniforms (shirts)

Tennis Spectator Stands

Indoor Court Fees


Track & Field

Branded Landing Mats & Starting Blocks

Hurdles & Hurdle Carts

Medicine Balls

Record Board


Quarter Zips



Game Net

Scoring Table & Chairs

Gym Floor Refinish & Sidelines Painting


Middle School

Wall Padding

Scoreboards & Team Benches

Softball Pitching Machine

Soccer & Lacrosse Goals

Girls Volleyball Program Funding

Football Uniforms

Track Siglets

Volleyball Coach


Field School

Recess & Playground Equipment

Glass Basketball Backboards

New Scoreboard

Annual PE Assistance


Country & Woodland Schools

Recess & Playground Equipment

Glass Basketball Backboards

Annual PE Assistance


College Scholarships

David A. Perry Memorial Scholarship Fund

Weston Boosters Scholarship Award

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