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50/50 Opportunity Draw

The Boosters 50/50 Opportunity Draw gives participants an opportunity to win prize money, while also supporting Weston Athletics.


The draw will run until March 23rd* and one lucky winner's name will be pulled at the Jeans & Jerseys Boosters Bash! The winner will receive 50% of the winnings, while the other 50% goes to the Boosters grant fund.

How it Works:

1.  Buy a "ticket".

2.  See if you've won. (can't be at the Bash? We'll text you!)

3.  Claim your prize.

4.  Contribute to Boosters grant fund (50% of proceeds will go here automatically).

* Winner does not need to be at the Bash to win & will be notified by text.


Ways to Win:
1 Opportunity $20 ~ 3 Opportunities $50
6 Opportunities $100 ~ 15 Opportunities $200

The Weston Boosters is committed to student-athlete excellence in competition and in the classroom by helping provide operational funding and scholarship for student-athletes. 

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